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Upcoming Properties

10 Unit Apartments- San Diego

Under Construction - Coming Soon

  • 10 Apartments

  • Completely Remodeled

  • 1 unit will be affordable housing

4551 Hamilton St, San Diego is a 7,000 Sq Foot Lot (50’ wide x 140’ deep) in City of San Diego’s RM-2-5 Zoning allowing for 1 dwelling unit for every 1,500 sqft of lot = 4.67 Units by right. The city does allow you to round up to 5 units, and double that to 10 units if you make, One, of the units Affordable housing. After development we will have 9 market rate units and 1 affordable unit. 

41st Street - San Diego

Under Renovation - Coming Soon

  • Going to add a 2nd bathroom

  • Completely remodel the home

  • Brand new roof already installed

This home currently sits as a 3 bedroom 1 bathroom house in San Diego. It is important to add another bathroom, update the home completely and install a new roof. The interior, landscaping and exterior home need a lot of work but we are excited to turn this into a great property. 

Follow us along online at @therealdrewchance and @islanderpropertiesllc to see more of the behind the scenes of the remodel. 

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