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of your mortgage?
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Behind on Payments?
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Your home could be our next project.
We are searching for more opportunities
throughout the San Diego area.

If you are a realtor, investor or contractor, CONNECT WITH US! We are very friendly and open to networking and working with new people!

Are you a home owner considering selling your home? 

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Looking to purchase a new home? 
Check out our LATEST LISTINGS! You will find all of our current properties along with a link to their MLS listings.

We look forward to working with you and helping San Diego communities THRIVE!

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Islander Properties LLC appreciates EVERY individual we have worked with.

Islander Properties, LLC was created with the intention of revitalizing San Diego housing, one home at a time. Our core goals are an honest and fair dealing with San Diego homeowners, investors, contractors, real estate vendors and professionals. The mission is to improve communities by adding value to homes through renovation, and reselling those homes to bring up values in neighborhoods throughout San Diego County.

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